Country code: 995. It is possible for visitors to set up an account with the local telecom company that enables them to make direct long-distance calls without the operator’s assistance

Georgia’s national numbering system of electronic communication networks will change gradually starting from March to December this year, according to the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC), which oversees the operations of telecommunication and broadcasting companies on the Georgian territory.

 At first, the geographical zone dialing codes will be changed: eastern Georgia’s geographical zone dialing code will start with the number 3 and western Georgia with the number 4.

The dialing code for Tbilisi has changed from 22 to 32. In addition, the international access code prefix to Georgia will be 00 (double zero), while the national prefix will be 0 (zero) instead of previous access number 8 (eight).

The prefix number 5 (five) will be added for mobile network codes, while the prefix number 2 (two) will be added to the city phone numbers.

GNCC also created 112 - a Special Centre hotline number where customers can dial and receive any kind of emergency information.

ex; To mobile networks                  +995 599 (+995 577, 598, etc.) and phone number
      To Tbilisi fixed line numbers     +995 32 and number
      To territory of Georgia              +995, area code and number

Batumi - 422 (old 222),
Kutaisi - 431 (old 231),
Rustavi - 34 (old 24) ,
Sokhumi - 422,
Tskhinvali - 344,
Zestaponi - 492,
Gori - 370,
Zugdidi - 415,
Telavi - 350,
Chokhatauri - 419,
Kaspi - 371,
Lanchkhuti - 494,
Lagodekhi - 354,
Mestia - 410,
Mtskheta - 373,
Ozurgeti - 496,
Sachkhere - 435,
Senaki - 413.

Mobile Telephone

Roaming agreements exist with international mobile phone companies. It is possible to hire mobile hand-sets from Geocell Ltd. Magticom Ltd. And Beeline Ltd. Coverage is good throughout the country.


There are Internet cafes in Tbilisi. Wireless internet is also available.


International postal services can be severely disrupted. Long delays may occur and parcels should be registered or delivered through courier services such as Air Express and DHL, based locally. It is advisable to post letters in central post offices rather than using the post boxes in the street.

Article updated on 20 September 2017