Bagrati Cathedral

City of Kutaisi  /Region of Imereti/

N42 15' 44'' E42 42' 59''


bagratiThe Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God (so called Bagrati Cathedral) - the symbol of united Georgian kingdom was founded by the first king of united Georgia Bagrat III Bagrationi (978-1014). According to the inscription on the façade, the construction of the cathedral was completed in 1003.

Bagrati Cathedral is one of the biggest architectural monuments of Georgia. Its cupola was supported by four free standing pillars. In the Western arm on the second floor a gallery was arranged for the royal family.

bagrati-kutaisiBefore the construction was finished, a three storied tower was added to the cathedral. In the first half of XI century the richly embellished porches were added from the South and West.

On the Eastern and Northern walls of Bagrati Cathedral there are carved inscriptions. The earliest inscription of Arabic numerals in Georgia is preserved on the Northern window of the cathedral.

At the end of XVII century the cathedral was blown up by invaders. Its destruction continued in XVII and XIX centuries.mt_ignore:World_Heritage

The archaeological excavations of the territory of Bagrati Cathedral has revealed the cultural remains different periods, among them the fragments of a IV century church, the mosaic floor dated to 1003 and several royal burial vaults.