landscape and Climate

Landscape and Ecosystems

physical map of Georgiazone of subtropical plants
zone of vineyards and dry subtropical fruit-growing
horticultural, vine-growing zone
zone of fruit-growing, field-crop cultivation and vine–growing
mountain fest zone
field-crop cultivation and cattle-breeding zone
mountain mowing field and pasture zone
permanent snow, glaciers zone


caucasus Georgia

dot Geographic location:
Southwestern Asia (Caucasus)
Longitude: 40 o - 47 o E
 Latitude: 41 o - 44 o N

Land bordaries: 1970 km (1224 miles)
 Land border: 1655 km (1028 miles)
Georgian section of the Black Sea coast line: 315 km (195 miles)
Armenia: 164 km
Azerbaijan: 322 km
Russia: 723 km
Turkey: 252 km


Georgian natureGeorgia's natural environment is one of the most unique and varied in the world. Geologically it has more compressed into its surface than some continents. Remarkable for its landscape diversity, from mountains to desert, from snow to palm trees, Georgia ranks among the world's wonderlands. Within 67,000 square kilometres (about the size of Ireland) you can find 5000 metre peaks; glaciers, alpine meadows; sub-tropical coastline, high desert, semi-desert, fertile alluvial valleys, wetlands and of course huge swathes of virgin forest. Indeed nearly 40% of Georgia is still forest, a large proportion of which is still "virgin".


georgia-climate-winterGeorgia's climate is affected by subtropical influences from the west and Mediterranean influences from the east. The Greater Caucasus range moderates local climate by serving as a barrier against cold air from the north. The relatively small territory covers different climatic zones, which are determined by distance from the Black Sea and by altitude. The climatic zones are ranging from humid subtropical to the eternal snow and glaciers. Georgia is divided into two different climatic regions: west part - humid, warm and east –moderately warm, continental climate.

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