capital and regions

Administrative-Territorial Division


Georgian territorial system includes three levels of division:

  • The upper level - includes 9 Regions, 2 Autonomous Republics and capital Tbilisi;
  • The middle level - 73 District and the 6 cities which are not under the subordination of the district;
  • The lower level - village, community, small town, town;

Georgia is divided into 9 regions, 2 autonomous republics and 1 city:

Administrative-teritorial division Interactive map



Autonomous Republic / Region / City Area Population Adm.Center
Abkhazia (Autonomous Republic) 8,640 km² 525,000 Sokhumi
Ajara (Autonomous Republic) 2,900 km² 376,000 Batumi
Guria (Region) 2,003 km² 141,000 Ozurgeti
Imereti (Region) 6,552 km² 703,000 Kutaisi
Kakheti (Region) 11,310 km² 407,000 Telavi
Kvemo Kartli (Region) 6,528 km² 381,000 Rustavi
Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Region) 6,785 km² 125,000 Mtskheta
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti (Region) 4,954 km² 51,000 Ambrolauri
Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Region) 7,441 km² 382,000 Zugdidi
Samtskhe-Javakheti (Region) 6,413 km² 208,000 Akhaltsikhe
Shida Kartli (Region) 6,200 km² 314,000 Gori
Tbilisi (City) 140 km² 1,106,000 Tbilisi

Black See Coast


Dadiani Palace in ZugdidiSamegrelo is bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Abkhazia, Svaneti and Racha to the north and Guria to the south. The main town of the region and its administrative centre is Zugdidi, which used to be the residence of local dukes in the past.

West Georgia


BagratiThe region of Imereti is situated along the middle and upper end of the Rioni river. The main city of the region is Kutaisi.



The capital of GeorgiaTbilisi stands on the banks of the River Mtkvari, in a valley surrounded by hills. The name for the city derives from the word tbili (warm). It is best seen from the top of Mount Mtatsminda.


Lower Kartli

goriLower Kartli is located in eastern Georgia. It shares a border with the Trialeti, Javakheti, and Bambak-Erevani Mountain ranges. Its geographic location is the key to its name: Kvemo Kartli – which in Georgian means "Lower Kartli".

East Georgia


signaghiKakheti is a region along the eastern boundary of Georgia. Having the area of 12 200 sq km the region makes up 17,5% of the entire territory of the country with 407 200 people that is 8,3% of total Georgian population.

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