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Traditions, Cuisine and Wine

Cradle of Wine

Archeology. Georgia - cradle of Wine

Cradle of Wine GeorgiaThe earliest Neolithic evidence for the beginnings of a true wine culture, in which wine dominated social and economic life, comes from Georgia. Shulaveris-Gora, south of Tbilisi, has yielded what may well be the oldest "domesticated" grape pips (Vitis vinifera vinifera), dating from the early 6th millennium B.C. The domesticated vine’s main advantage over the wild type is that it is self-pollinating, thus enabling it to produce a larger and more predictable fruit crop. Besides selecting plants that yielded larger, juicier, and tastier fruit with fewer seeds, the early Neolithic horticulturalist also discovered how to “clone” the grapevine by rooting and grafting branches.

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Legends and myths about Georgia

Legends and myths about Georgia and Georgians

The Georgians, falling in love with their native country and nature. You will think, that Georgia is a motherland of legends, here each place, mountain has its own legend: 

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Fests and Holidays

Holidays and Fests

People in Georgia love their holidays and what is most important, know how to organize them so beautiful, delicious and joyfully, that you enjoy every minute of the festival, and then look forward to the next one.

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Despite the Georgian love of wine, or perhaps because of it, it is generally considered in very bad taste to get drunk. Women are not required or indeed expected to keep pace with men’s consumption. Men, however, had better have a good head for what they drain; their very manliness-and the judgment of a traveler’s manliness-depends upon it.

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Georgian Cuisine

Exotic, Mysterious and Unique food from Georgia

All countries and nations have their favourite dishes, which have long stepped over the national boundaries and because of their virtues have suited everybody’s taste. Suffice it to recall Hungarian goulash, English beefsteak, Austrian schnitzel, Russian boef a la Stroganoff and others. But not everybody can boast of what one might call the national cuisine-a list of dishes differing in gustatory sensation and slightly similar in some qualities. People throughout the world know French cuisine notable first of all for its exquisite sauces; Russian cuisine known for appetizing fish dishes, pies and pancakes; Chinese cuisine differing from all others in using uncommon products and possessing quite a specific taste of its own.

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